While most people who are shaping the future of today’s music business fall into one category or another – Artist, A&R, Curator, Entrepreneur, Instrumentalist, Producer/Beat Maker, Recording, Mixing, Mastering – 24-year-old TriBeCa native Boone McElroy is known for all of those things.

Born into an artistic family, with a father who is a revered writer and a mother who is an established painter and aesthetic educator, Boone began a 20+ year exploration of piano at age 3, and began testing the limits of the acoustic/electric/bass guitar from age 7 onwards while studying with film and television composer Miranda Hentoff, and crossover Jazz and Americana guitarist and respected instructional author, Askold Buk.

At 15, Boone started working for DJ/Producer Stretch Armstrong, who was recognized for having “the best hip-hop radio show of all time” (SOURCE) and had been credited for helping to break Notorious BIG, Jay-Z, NaS, and Eminem. Boone spent his formative years learning about the music business from one of its best ears and was introduced to the world of A&R while still in high school as he helped develop Stretch’s record label, Plant Music.

Boone’s first personal A&R project and demo solo production was working with underground rapper S-County. This was one of several activities that led him to CalArts’ Music Technology program. Here he spent the next four years learning a diverse array of skills including Ghanaian drumming with Ewe Chief Alfred K. Ladzekpo, computer programming with Dr. Ajay Kapur, and digital synthesis and Reaktor Core with Martijn Zwartjes. While attending CalArts, Boone also worked with producer Patrick Leonard, who is best known for his work with Madonna, Jewel, and Pink Floyd. Through Pat, Boone worked on some very high profile projects and was exposed to key elements of recording engineering, studio mixing, mic’ing, composition, production, and various other skills that can best be described as trade secrets. During this time, he was also session guitarist for Queen Latifah.

After graduating from CalArts in 2012, Boone returned to New York City and embarked on an entrepreneurial path by founding Desert Park, a recording studio in midtown Manhattan. Within the first year of operation, Desert Park began attracting notable Hip-Hop and Pop artists. Versed in a wide range of genres, and providing production, recording, mixing and mastering services for a myriad of acts at Desert Park, Boone is using his personal time in the studio to develop a new kind of music. Armed with talent, relentless drive, experience both behind the scenes and on stage, an innate ability to connect the dots, access to some of the best session players in the world as well as up-and-coming talent across all genres, Boone is developing the next new music in his creative base at Desert Park.